The Elizabeth River Trail (ERT) is a biking and pedestrian trail in the City of Norfolk that has transformed several former railroad rights-of-ways, connected predominantly by off-road and some on-road trails, into an urban trail. The trail provides recreational and educational opportunities as well as an alternate mode of transportation from the Norfolk Naval Base, located in the northern portion of the city, into downtown Norfolk. The nine-mile Elizabeth River Trail, which runs from Norfolk State University following the Elizabeth River northward to Terminal Boulevard, began with an abandoned railroad spur being transformed into a walking and bicycle trail. The Atlantic City Spur section of the trail neighbors the Midtown Tunnel and adjacent Plum Point Park. The Trail can be accessed at various points along the Elizabeth River to include the Waterside Festival Marketplace, the end of Southampton Avenue near the public health building, or at Claremont Avenue near Raleigh Avenue in West Ghent. The trail offers scenic views of the Elizabeth River and interpretive markers tell the history of the area and environment. For more information and a city map of the complete trail visit norfolk.gov/bike.

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